Livestock Limo was a business idea developed from an obvious need in our industry. As the owners of Walker Show Pigs, we were constantly looking for rides for pigs from us to somewhere; usually California, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia and Maryland. Most of the people who we had haul for us in the past quit the business leaving us with minimal options. Thus Livestock Limo was born and we have approached the business a little differently than anyone else we have seen in the show animal hauling business.





Size - By pulling the biggest trailer the law will allow, we can simply haul more!

No Mechanical Worries
- Should we have a mechanical problem with the semi tractor, we can simply rent another one and continue our route. It might cause a slight delay in our estimated arrive time, but we won't be stuck along the interstate waiting with a pickup for two to three days for parts to get going again.

- The air ride in which your animals will be hauled provides a much smoother ride than spring suspension. The majority of the pens in the trailer are equipped with nipple waterers and we also have room for any feed that would like to send with your animals. When you load your animals on our trailer, you can rest assured knowing they will receive the care they deserve.


Livestock Limo will provide transportation for your animal; however, we assume no responsibility for any death loss from any cause. We highly recommend purchasing mortality insurance for your livestock. More information on mortality insurance coming soon.

While this is a new and growing business, we will consider trips that are not already scheduled. Please contact us with your needs; however, keep in mind that we would need considerable interest in making a specific trip to justify the cost involved.